Eric "Smitty" Smith

Director of Hemp Operations

Eric (or Smitty) spent most of his career serving in the United States Marine Corps achieving the highest enlisted rank of Sergeant Major. He retired from the Marines in 2006 and entered into Law Enforcement. In a short period of time, he reached the senior position of Sergeant within the local Sheriff's Office. Intermittently, Eric got involved in local politics and was subsequently elected as a City Council member. Eric immediately took the lead in introducing new ideas for economic growth with his rural hometown of Hartford, KY. Eric successfully lobbied for rezoning of his town to make it more attractive to businesses looking to expand, which has increased revenue for the struggling community that had historically said it couldn't be done. Eric was also instrumental for introducing the legal purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages within the town where alcohol had been prohibited since prohibition, “a herculean and monumental undertaking” once proclaimed by locals to be impossible. Eric's extensive experiences in being a “people person” has lead to many successes within his career, from professional Marine, to a Peace Officer, to community leadership. Eric's unique ability to connect and relate with people he serves is what has made the difference between excellent and noteworthy results. An accomplished public speaker, Eric has made many impromptu special remarks for large diverse audiences. As a Marine, Eric was chosen to attend diplomatic training at Quantico, VA and was subsequently chosen to take command of the Marine Security Guard Detachment at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia during the former Soviet Block regime. Eric’s extensive leadership and world traveled experiences leading thousands of Marines throughout his military career, combined with his numerous successes after retiring from the Marine Corps, along with his keen ability to adapt and thrive, has well prepared him for his current roles within this brand new industry. During his service to the Nation, Eric has been decorated many times for valor during combat operations, receiving the nation's third highest award for valor under fire, the Bronze Star with combat V device. Eric has three daughters and three grandchildren. He resides in Kentucky and is the current Director of Hemp Operations in Cadiz, KY.