Drew Milburn


Drew started his career in small manufacturing and distribution. He used this extensive knowledge to develop a very specific turn-key cultivation practice for the growing of Medical Marijuana that gave him the nickname, “Cannabis Professor.” Drew also has owned and operated multiple Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in California, Colorado, and Arizona. He has been a cannabis consultant to many state and local authorities throughout the US. He has also consulted to Health Canada, which runs the National Program for Medical Marijuana in Canada. As the “Cannabis Professor” he is asked to travel and speak to many audiences about cultivation and dispensary operations. Drew spent time in both the US and Canada working with local law enforcement and other government officials in an effort to open state-of-the-art retail and cultivation centers. He was also active with lobbyists in Nevada to help them understand the entire operation and how it both affects patients and authorities to help them write appropriate rules when their new laws went into effect. Drew is a celebrated United States Marine where he served 12 years and was decorated many times for achievement above and beyond the call of duty.